The Food Stuff – Our vision

The Food Stuff was founded early in 2017. All our content is written by us and our partners. We aim to be an inspirational & educational media – our goal is to inform, guide, and amaze everyone with an interest in food.


We don’t use content from other sites. We create our own stories. We spend time researching. We talk to those who amaze us. We share unique stories hoping to excite the envy of other food bloggers. We are a professional team of creative people sharing a passion for the food industry, for digital content and for the art of marketing. We know how to create inspiring content for our clients, and now we also want to share it through our very own blog.

“The universe is nothing without the things that live in it, and everything that lives, eats.”

We love this quote by Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin. In fact, we grab his philosophy of food and living as an inspiration to what we do.


Latest work


We like to be where our audience is. Here at The Food Stuff, we use a responsive design that respects the preferences of our readers. Our website is created to fit all devices, whether you’re browsing the internet on a smartphone, PC or tablet. We showcase our content with a clean, sharp and responsive design. We are fully integrated with all social networks, which means that each article gets maximum reach.


Our audience, according to our web insights (Facebook, Instagram, google analytics) is a curious and culture-hungry reader. This person is active on social media, using gadgets, loving to eat out, an explorer on the latest trends in food, someone who enjoys life. Just like the customers from our clients. We know how to talk with them because we are the same. However, The Food Stuff can be read and enjoyed by foodies and industry professionals alike including company directors and managers. We are targeting everyone with a passion for good food and exceptional service.


Our content is distributed in different channels. That’s why put all our efforts not only on our website and blog (wich will be the «big thing» in our distribution portfolio) but to the whole diversification strategy. We invest a lot of time on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


We really don’t like ads on blogs, banners or pop-ups. That’s why we don’t use them at all!. Our solution? Native advertising forms and creative approach. Our branded articles will be accompanied by a seamless and natural integration with the brand.  All our sponsored posts are laid out in an editorial form and written by us. They are published on the blog and accessible on all platforms and throughout our social media.

After a specified period, they are moved to the Featured section. Our blog is constructed with an impressive array of exclusive editorial elements. Any number of active links are available in the text. If you wish to promote a product or story, we can make it happen in a visual way. There are endless options and we’re proud of being extremely creative.


We can’t do it all by ourselves. The aim of this platform was to promote the work of highly enthusiastic and incredibly talented freelancers that we like to work with. The Food Stuff is also a collective to promote the work of everyone involved in the creative process of the work we produce. From graphic designers to videographers as well as web developers and even a wine distributor.



The Food Stuff Blog is an interactive supplement to the work we produce. Our aim is to combine educational content with any number of native advertising stories. We offer our clients and partners an unlimited creative ability and flexible form. As a result, we have an original voice which is very much oriented to make an impact on our readers and to promote our clients’ direct interests and goals.



Want even more? Not a problem. We will develop a concept, a unique way of telling your story and believe us, we’ll do everything possible to ensure that this material is read and shared across all social networks.

Just like we work with our clients, we will create the content and transform it into our wide range of interactive and creative tools. We will create a personalized marketing strategy, that will meet your needs. Our bespoke content is what make us effective and different from others and no, we won’t advertise ourselves on your posts. We aim to be as efficient as you’ve never seen before.

We provide the most striking photography, touching video, inspiring typography… a variety of forms of content, timelines, direct speech, quotes, and everything that you might need. You only need to give us an idea The rest we’ll do ourselves. Give us a call or meet us for coffee, that’s how it all starts.

Brighton, UK

Radka Junova / Social Media & Marketing

Xavier Buendia / Photography & Content Creation