I've been working with Silo's chef and owner Doug McMaster pretty much since they first opened and one thing that keeps fascinating me is the way Doug plates his food. The food is really exciting but a real challenge to photograph at times. Taking a break from a shoot, I asked Doug a few short questions to find out his philosophy behind plating food and his process. Here's what he had to say: Doug, what do you see when plating a dish for the camera? That's a very good question, Xav, and the first time someone asks me this. It's a good balance between nature Vs nurture, visuals Vs structure. I know what I want but I don't know where the dish is going. As I go along, the dish will start to take shape. What do you look for? Something not seen before! I

Brighton Cocktail Week starts on the 18th of May and according to the organizers, a week has 10 days so it runs until the 28th of May.  We think that's a great idea, everyone will have the opportunity to get familiar with the city's mixology scene and get to know the style of each venue and their talented shakers.   Cocktails are a favorite of us, especially classics but we know first hand that they can be very deceitful. That’s why we like the idea of a 10 day week so there's no rush to taste what's on offer. Here’s a guide on how to make the best out of it in the most sensible and civilized manner.    1- Know about the event organization and the participating venues Head on to the Brighton Cocktail Week website and get familiar with what the festival has

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