6 tips to enjoy The Brighton Cocktail Week

Brighton Cocktail Week starts on the 18th of May and according to the organizers, a week has 10 days so it runs until the 28th of May.  We think that’s a great idea, everyone will have the opportunity to get familiar with the city’s mixology scene and get to know the style of each venue and their talented shakers.  

Cocktails are a favorite of us, especially classics but we know first hand that they can be very deceitful. That’s why we like the idea of a 10 day week so there’s no rush to taste what’s on offer. Here’s a guide on how to make the best out of it in the most sensible and civilized manner. 


1- Know about the event organization and the participating venues

Head on to the Brighton Cocktail Week website and get familiar with what the festival has to offer. You’ll need to buy a wristband in order to enjoy the special mixes at just £5. There will be special drinks using their sponsors’ spirit so don’t expect everything to be £5.  Also, look for participating venues and check their opening times to avoid any disappointment.

2-  Special events & tastings

Look out for any tastings and masterclasses if you wish to learn something about a particular brand or acquire a new mixing skill. If you have a wristband, you get a discount on the ticket for the event. If you’re like us and have mixologyst and distillery friends, you might be able to get a cheeky spot. (we do recommend getting a wristband, though)

3- Keep Brighton beautiful

Yes, drinking cocktails is fun… getting drunk is not! If your purpose is to taste and educate your palate, then you’ll surely know how many is one too many. If you’re just thinking of getting drunk, shame on you! Just keep your good manners try not to ruin somebody else’s evening. Keep the city tidy and clean.  Remember this quote by Brillat-Savarin when having more than enough:

“Those who suffer from indigestion, or who become drunk, are utterly ignorant of the true principles of eating and drinking.”


4- Stick to one type of spirit

Is best if you stick to the same spirit for the duration of your tasting, For example, one day you only have Vodka based cocktails, the next one Gin, and so on… Your body and your mates will thank you for it.

5- A glass of water for every cocktail

That’s right, staying hydrated is the best you can do to enjoy a long evening tasting cocktails. Remember this rule and you’ll thank us the following morning.

6- Share the love

Remember to stay active on social media and share your experiences on a responsible manner. Remember that for that instant you’re that bar or brand communicator so focus on posting educational and inspiring content. If you thought about us while having a cocktail, then go for it and tag us @thefoodstuffuk. Don’t forget about the organizers @brightoncocktailweek and the brands, bars and mixologists as well.



This is just a short guide we thought about as the Cocktail Week is about to begin, in no way we are related to the organizers nor get paid to promote the event. We just want everyone to have a great time and learn something while out and about in town.

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